Firedance - Firedance Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Firedance - Firedance Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our Beginnings

In 1979, a remarkable golden retriever named Ellwood and our success in the obedience ring fixed our interest in purebred dogs. Teaching others to train lead to the 1984 opening of Camp Canine, Santa Barbara's Pet Resort and Spa.

Our blessings have been many, including two beautiful daughters, many friends and enough business success to acquire River Ridge Ranch, our five acre river front property in Southern Oregon.


In 1982, we finished out first golden and started Firedance Kennel. After a few years of success in breeding and showing goldens we were taken by our first Rhodesian, CH Uhurus Chara Firedance Force. She was given to us by our good friend Zora Kaltenekker of Uhuru kennels. "Boats" was a formidable bitch of about ninety pounds finishing in 1989 and was awarded a ROM in 1996. She was devoted to her family in a way the goldens never were. To her credit, her vigilance was a job she took seriously. She was so connected to us we often referred to her as our breath. With years of study, generous help from Barbara Sawyer-Brown of Kwetu kennels and from many other Rhodesian professionals we have become cautious breeders of one or two litters per year.

Our Future

The record shows our dogs have improved over the years. Our dogs are easy keepers while retaining the dedication to family and friends for which the breed is prized. Our time is now split between our Santa Barbara operation and the Oregon location which provides a heavenly setting for a the joyful pursuit of that elusive prize, the perfect Rhodesian.

If you would like to visit us at either location, please contact us.