Firedance - Firedance Rhodesian Ridgebacks Nutrition

Firedance - Firedance Rhodesian Ridgebacks Nutrition

Choosing the Right Diet

We place a great deal of importance on choosing the best food available for the dogs we breed. We believe that even the best commercial Kibble is only an imperfect highly cooked substitute for a dog's natural diet.

Most commercial kibbles use meat by-product (feathers, hides and the like) and some rendered meats as the protein source. This is the lowest quality (cheapest) ingredient available.

We cannot stress enough the importance of feeding a quality diet. Brands like Iams, Pedigree, and Pro Plan are NOT high quality foods. These companies spend a lot of money on advertising and end up cutting quality to remain competitively priced.


We feed the highest quality kibble available. It must be a hormone and antibiotic free meat source. We recommend "Eagle Pack Holistic Select" for the large breed puppy. We suggest keeping him on this food until he is 1 year of age. Below is a list of kibbles that are of comparable quality just in case you cannot find Eagle Pack.

Raw Meat

You also want to feed your dog RAW, antibiotic and hormone free meat mixed with vegetables. It is important to remember that your puppy is a carnivore and giving him raw meat is giving them a natural whole diet. You can give raw fresh meat from a few different sources. Most pet stores and natural food grocery stores carry these brands:

Convenient Meat & Veggie

Another way to get your puppy the raw meat and vegetables is with a dehydrated food called Honest Kitchen. We use Embark or Force, made with USDA hormone-free turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, spinach, carrots, apples, kelp, eggs, sesame seeds, bananas, cranberries, rosemary and vitamins. You can purchase Honest Kitchen products online or find a local distributor in your area.


Supplements are important even though you feed your puppie a high quality food that provides the nutritional balance it needs. We use NuVet Plus® a high quality product that incorporates a precise formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and antioxidants that perform synergistically to bring together all the vital ingredients required to improve your pet’s health and keep them healthy. NuVet Plus® is made using only Natural, Human Grade ingredients that are formulated in a FDA registered Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

Another very important aspect of your puppy's healthy is to keep his gut and digestion healthy. We highly recommend using digestive enzymes every time you feed. We use either Prozyme (800-522-5537) or Gene Flora.